Each year the spring brings the arrival of lush green leaves unfurling, their lines elegantly flowing in a harmonic shape to capture the sun.  The Westcoast’s lush greenery is an affirmation after a long grey and wet winter.  This piece has emerged from a line drawing celebrating the simple beauty of the seasons, the return of sun and the perfections of nature.


These leaves are solid sterling silver. Each leaf sits 3.5 centimeters in length with a subtle flowing centre line. Each line is approximately 0.8mm to 1mm in thickness and 3mm in depth. You have the choice between solid sterling silver posts and backing for a secure fit or long ear wires so your leaves can rustle in the breeze. Each piece is individually finished which allows unique one of a kind properties to emerge.


A celebration of here and now.

Leaf Earrings

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  • These solid sterling silver leaves are 3.5cm tall and 3mm in depth with your choice of sterling silver post and backings or long sterling silver ear wires.